Making A Difference-Revitalizing Elementary Social Study

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Active learning in the classroom is a way for teachers to encourage higher order thinking from students, connect to the world outside of the classroom, and give students an opportunity to develop deep knowledge of subject matter. As part of active learning, teachers create engaging activities that require problem solving, cooperative work, and the use of simulations. These activities involve various subjects and promote active learning. In chapter three of McGuire and Cole’s Making a Difference- Revitalizing Elementary Social Studies readers are taught about a type of learning known as “Storypath”; Storypath is a technique used in classrooms that utilizes active learning. The Storypath approach is based on the idea that children learn best…show more content…
The guiding question for this particular scenario was “will you be a Patriot or a Loyalist”. This scenario gives students a chance to put themselves in different characters perspectives from this time period while blending it with actual historical records. Using Storypath for this lesson makes a typically boring topic, more interesting. Important historical topics such as these, require the teacher to contribute more; teachers can play the role of a famous person from the time period. This gives students a unique, but also accurate understanding of important people in history, which further adds to their understanding of different historical events. This approach gives students a perspective and tool that cannot be gained from a textbook alone. Textbooks and other resources can still be helpful and aid students in making more informed decisions that are based on research, rather than just opinion. When creating Storypath’s, active engagement is created, initiates discussions, and generates new ideas. In doing this, teachers need to have sensitivity awareness, in regards to students background and experiences. Students are developing an understanding of people and issues during this time, and relating to them. This creates a valuable and integrative learning experience for…show more content…
This approach included active leaning while still incorporating the NCSS Principles of Teaching and Learning. It is able to create meaningful learning connections that connect to student’s lives outside of school. It requires various levels of planning, implementation, and assessment. It can also integrate other subject areas into the main content area. Students integrate their own values and beliefs into Storypath. Storypath is also value-based, by including ethical topics that can be controversial, such as the Safari to Kenya and having that misunderstanding over “making fun” of one another. Storypath also gives students a recognition and sensitivity to opposing views, such as the Loyalists and Patriots question. Students are able to develop their own opinions, based on research and make informed decisions. Storypath challenges students in new ways and requires thoughtful effort from students and teachers. Students are active in this approach because they are forced to think critically in various scenarios, continuously build upon their knowledge, and use their own experiences to relate to real life scenarios. Students are gaining skills from this type of learning that can help them in their current and future lives. They are gaining new outlooks and perspectives that help them become better learners. Storypath reflects active learning in a multitude of way, and keeps students interested and

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