Catcher On Shock Street Chapter Summary

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INTRODUCTION This research is based on the book “A Shocker on Shock Street” from the Goosebumps series written by Robert Lawrence Stine, published in September 1995. The main focus of this research is the reflection of a young individual’s life through the lives of the young characters in this book. The author, Robert Lawrence Stine, born on 8th October 1943, also known as Jovial Bob Stine is a writer who has written dozens of children’s books and other comedy series as well. R.L STINE is best known for his Goosebumps, Fear Street and Nightmare Room series which seized the attention of the young readers all over the world. Out of all the books that Stine wrote, the Goosebumps series is considered to be the most successful due to its audience…show more content…
Stine does not make the range of the story too wide on purpose because he wants to focus more on the friendship between Erin and Marty. Stine begins the story by revealing the bond between Erin and Marty; they seem to be as close as family and even look like twins even though they are not related. There is also a lot of sibling rivalry in the story between Erin and Marty which tell us that they are as close as a brother and sister, Erin and Marty also repeatedly try to scare each other at the beginning of the story and this elaborates the sibling rivalry between the both of them. This bond between Erin and Marty is an important theme, which helps the readers understand the way this story reflects the lives of children. Children grow up with all sorts of people around them but every single one of them have someone that they have a special connection with and Stine shows us this part of a child's life through the connection between Erin and Marty. Erin subconsciously accepts Marty as her brother and vice versa, there is one particular scene in chapter seven which proves this. In chapter

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