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Dean Koontz uses Vogler’s template, ‘The Hero’s Journey’, and aspects of Welch’s ‘Human Condition to create credibility and therefore an identification for his readership. Koontz writes on a multiplicity of subject matters with extensive thematic backgrounds in his novels. His narratives are descriptive, detailed, and well researched without being overwhelmingly tedious – and, they have a didactic realism that resonates with the reader ensuring they, myself included, keep coming back for more. American born, Dean Koontz is a mixed genre author; although he began writing at the age of eight, as escapism from his difficult home life, his first book, Star Quest, however did not become published until he was in his mid-twenties in 1968 and…show more content…
He takes the reader into a snapshot of fantasy or on epic adventures. Using metaphor, simile, and dialogue, Koontz richly weaves a world for the reader to inhabit. He builds societies within recognisable locations and takes the reader there. Within his narratives, the reader can become their own hero and battle any demons they come across whether physical or emotional. If the situation becomes unbearable or too real, well the reader can close the book. As Vogel’s rubric suggests, the reader as a fictional tourist is the archetypal hero, and sometimes closing the book is the heroic thing to…show more content…
Critics state because of Koontz’s flaws that his work feels more ‘contrived’ than that of other writers within the same genre. The implication being due to these shortcomings Koontz comes a poor second to the likes of Stephen King and a pale imitation of Robert Block. However, koontz is not trying to be anyone other than himself when he writes, although reading others work has helped to shape his own writing he has adapted their style into one that his uniquely his own. I believe that for every writer there is an audience and Koontz has his. His vividly imaginative works appeal to many people and he often frequents the best seller’s top ten listings. I find Koontz’s gift with descriptive imagery fascinating. Koontz’s narratives unfailingly take me to the centre of his story. I feel connected to who and what I am reading as does his growing audience. His narratives make the magic of a good read happen and this is what I try to achieve when I write, the ability to make the reader believe what is in their minds

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