How Did African Americans Fight For Freedom

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From the time that slavery was first legalized to the abolishment of it in the13th amendment, slaves have always been entitled the same rights of every other human being. Though freedom is a universal right, many slaves had escaped up North to find safety and hopefully start a new life. With the passing of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850, all runaway slaves would be sent back to their slave owners. However, there was more leniency when it came to slavery up North. The slaves up North were able to receive an education and testify against their owners. Many slaves had enlisted in the continental army to join the fight for their freedom. By 1783, thousands of Africans Americans had become involved in the war. Many were active participants, some won their freedom and others were victims, but throughout the fight for freedom African Americans refused to be bystanders and watch others fight for their freedom. Slaves gave their loyalty to the side that seemed to offer the best chance for freedom. By 1775, over half of a million slaves were living in the 13 colonies.…show more content…
In 1775, around 10 to 15 black soldiers had fought against the British at the battles of Bunker Hill and Lexington. Two African American soldiers by the names of Salem Poor and Peter Salem had earned medals for their bravery in battle. By 1776, However, it had become clear that the founding father’s idea of did not include enslaved African Americans. The Declaration of Independence had promised liberty for all men, but did not put an end to slavery.

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