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Entrepreneurs come in many forms and contribute to our daily lives in many ways. For some people, that might even mean providing them with a career, such as telemarketers (telephones - Alexander Graham Bell) or maybe even if you have a job with Facebook (Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg). Many of the entrepreneurs today are involved with technology and softwares but let's shift our vision to the late 19th century, where Thomas Alva Edison was at the peak of his career. The year is 1880 and Thomas Edison just patented the lightbulb. This is an astonishing and very innovative invention since in the past, people were using oil lamps and even though Incandescent bulbs are not great for the environment, oil lamps and candles are more environmentally unfriendly. With this invention, Edison would be cutting down on carbon emissions and introducing us to a whole new way of light, while inspiring us at the same time.…show more content…
However, he didn’t always get the recognition and support he does now. Edison was born on February 11th, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. In school, Edison was not the calmest child, as he was distracted easily and seemed hyperactive. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop his mother (being an accomplished teacher herself). She pulled Edison out from his school and homeschooled him herself. At about the age of 11, Edison loved knowledge and had almost a craving for it. At the age of 15, Edison received a job as a telegraph operator. All of this information is interesting and it gives us more insight on Edison’s background, but now it’s time to explain how and why he started inventing and what drove him to do

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