Summary Of The Sanctuary Of School By Lynda Barry

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Lynda Barry wrote the essay “The Sanctuary of school”. The story is about a girl who feels neglected by her parents. The girl sneaks out of her house very early in the morning to go to her favorite place, which is her school. The school is her favorite place because she feels people notice her there, contrast to her home life where her parents neglect her. When she is standing in the playground, she begins seeing the janitors and teachers coming in for the day. She feels great relief as her teacher comes over and talks to her. The teacher asks her if she wants to paint, and this makes her happy because painting is her favorite activity. Then it gets political, by denouncing a cut to the education and, criticizing anyone who feels different. Essentially saying we need more help for kids like her.…show more content…
However, there are different ways instead of pumping billions of dollars into a screwy system, and this is no animus of education. It is very important to get children educated but it is the bureaucracy of it that is the problem. To spend all this money that we do not have and not getting results, it does not make any sense. I agree on helping the kids that need help, like the girl in the story, and teachers should not have dirt floor salaries. I disagree on the fact that the government should be involved in education. It is simply not authorized in the Constitution; it should be left up to the states how they want to do it. We are 19 trillion dollars in debt. Can the government afford to put more money into a system, that proves the more money US taxpayers put in, the lower the students scores are compared to other countries? The answer is NO. This unconstitutional system is happening today, and it needs to

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