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In the year of 1912 a tragic accident occurred. I will tell you a little about what and how this ship sank. Many people died that day. When this tragic accident happened all you could hear was the fear in people’s voices and watching while the ship slowly sank. This is the story of the Titanic. There was enough space on board for 1,178 people but there were 2,228 people on board (Nova Scotia). The japanese who survived the crash were called cowards in his country for not dying (Titanic:40 Facts). Hershey cancelled his reservation for the titanic because of a last minute business matter. The Titanic’s chief baker confined himself with alcohol and survived the freezing water , for 2 hours before he was saved (Titanic Facts). More than 1,500 people died that day , that is almost two-thirds of the people on board (Titanic: 32 facts). Only 360 bodies were found , the dead were taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia (Titanic Facts). The musician’s on board kept playing music for hours while the Titanic was sinking (Titanic Facts). A musical instrument recovered after the tragedy recently sold for $1.7 million(Titanic treasures)! Hartley played a violin while the Titanic went down. The violin became a symbol of courage and strength. There were 8 musician’s playing music at this…show more content…
The caption of the ship “Captain Edward Smith” was thought to be drunk when the ship sank ( Titanic: 40 facts). A survivor’s letter states that he was seen drinking in a saloon on the night of the Titanic (Daily mail / Titanic caption). They were warned that there was ice in the vicinity of its route but Captain Edward J. Smith decided not to slowdown ( On this day). After hitting the iceberg , the Titanic took 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink (Titanic: 40 facts). The ship was discovered in 1988 and lies 370 miles off the coast of newfoundland around 12,500 feet below the

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