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Anne M. Clifford, an accredited theologian and associate professor of theology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, is the author of the novel Introducing Feminist Theology. Clifford’s book preforms as an ideal textbook for an introductory course on Feminist Theologies. Introducing Feminist Theology includes six chapters that address such topics as, the origins of Christian feminist theology, biblical perspectives, ecclesiology, feminist spirituality, and ecology. In this novel, Clifford aims to explain general phenomena regarding the broad topic of “feminism” and more specifically, Christian feminist thought. I believe one of Clifford’s main goals in this book was to accurately identify and provide possible solutions to essential issues regarding Christian feminist theology. Clifford comprehensibly states the history of each respective…show more content…
Clifford is critical and analytical, in addition to being methodical. To conclude, Clifford succeeded in her objective to address the relevant issues of Feminist thought that must be discussed in order to treat the matter thoroughly. For example, Clifford mentions feminist hermeneutics, various ethnic perspectives of God, Christian churches and their connection to feminism, female ordination, feminist spirituality, and ecology. Themes are generally messages that the author wants the audience to understand by reading “between the lines” of their writings. There are several prominent themes within Clifford’s novel, Introducing Feminist Theology. For instance, Clifford often exhibits a concern of justice and equality, within the church and society as a whole. Anne Clifford is an extremely pragmatic writer and therefore is consumed with the idea of achieving justice for women around the globe. Clifford states

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