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Critics are almost unanimous, Cormac McCarthy is one of the great modern authors. The Road only solidifies that opinion. The book exemplified Mr. McCarthy’s unique writing style. Mr. Cormac McCarthy has been known to maintain universal themes, quintessential third person, and a minimalist speaker while maintaining a focus on imagery and mystic setting. The Road is a further extension of the now classic writing style of Cormac McCarthy. Cormac McCarthy is able to connect to the heart of American literature because his books connect to classic American themes. Cormac is known for alluding to the search for identity in his work, as well as the significance of crossing borders, and working though situations with conflicting values (Branam). Critics agree that Cormac is able to connect with this generation of American leaders because he references what is crucial to this time in America. “In exploring borders, McCarthy has carved out what is perhaps a unique place in all of American letters; he has overseen the decline of a traditional way of life in the American South…show more content…
The destruction of the landscape juxtaposed with the hopeful demeanor of The Boy. This is symbolic that even though the world may appear to be over, humanity cannot lose hope. This is exemplified in the end of the novel when The Man died, it seems like all is lost. However, the novel evinces an ambiguous hope in the possibility that goodness lies buried deep within the human frame. Throughout all of his writing Cormac McCarthy portrays a sense of fearlessness. His characters remain positive and overall good-spirited regardless of their dire situation. The Road embodies the fact that even though the setting of the novel has lost its essential virtuousness, humanity itself is not lost. The combination of fearlessly heroic characters and a setting of the apocalypse, or other harsh surroundings is a critical element in the uniqueness of this great author

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