Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Theme Analysis

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Enlightenment Through Tribulation Sir Gawain and the Green Knight comes across as a simple fantasy tale at times, however; its deeper themes of enlightenment and its own take on the coming of age story help make for a deep and interesting plot. The story follows Sir Gawain, the youngest knight in King Arthur’s court, as he searches for the appropriately named “Green Knight” in order to repay a wager for his life. Gawain’s journey is filled with tests and tribulations that do not become clear to him, and the reader, until his final meeting with the Green Knight. There are times throughout his journey that Gawain seems to fail his tests, and his own personal code of honor and ethics; however, by the end of his journey it is clear that Sir Gawain has become more…show more content…
As many tales of the time place their heroes in situations where brute strength and chivalry in war is at the forefront, Gawain becomes enlightened in another way. This isn’t to say that Gawain does not face his share of dangers though. It is stated that Gawain fights with worms (dragons), wolves, wood-trolls, and a host of other terrible creatures during the early parts of his expedition (720-723). His biggest challenge, the one that would ultimately bring him the most difficulty, was to found in the most unsuspecting of places; a quaint castle in the middle of the woods. It is in this castle that Gawain meets Bertilak, a gracious and jovial man who invites Gawain into his home and treats him as his honored guest. Gawain’s stay in the castle does not present any immediate danger, as he is treated to immense feasts and good company. In fact Bertilak even offers to put forth a wager with Gawain, stating that he will take his hunting party out for three days and give what they gain to Gawain when they return. As payment Gawain is to give whatever he gains in the castle that day to Bertilak upon his return. While Gawain sees this as simple innocent fun, unbeknownst to him the

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