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This is a five-minute short documentary played at Lincoln Center, and it aims to discuss the fact that an increasing number of people are addicted to the private space of their mobile phones when they are in the public space. The short film is inspired by my discovery that individuals look down at their mobile phones whether they are in the street, at a restaurant, or in a party with friends. Although they are in the public space, they do not spend the time to pay attention to what happens around them, or communicate with other. Mobile phone is a very private space, but even when people use them in the outside to communicate, no one else knows what they are talking about. Indeed, the rapid development of smart phones and the prevalence of social…show more content…
Before doing the research, I only have a thought with no specific ideas of the structure or content of the film. I had no idea how to design the narration, interviewing questions, or the structure of the film. Therefore, I start by investigating the background and the phenomenon that more and more people are immersed in their private space. According to the survey, the issue is becoming serious, especially in adolescents. Increasingly more teenagers are smartphone-addicted, notably when they are alone in public where they are more dependent on the private space. Then, I interview students around me to collect their views. Orianna is my roommate, and we spend a lot of time together. She particularly likes to use her smartphone to chat. She always looks at her phone, even when we are in the street or at a restaurant. She explains that using the smartphone makes her feel relaxed, because she feels awkward being alone in the public space in a foreign country. The phone provides a more private space for her. When she is immersed in the private space, no one will care about what she says or does. She also wants to break the habit, because she knows that when she is on her mobile phone, she ignores the people around her. Moreover, she wants to spend more time on interesting things happening around her. Because of her habit, she
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