Short Stories Themes

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Short stories are a great way for authors to provide a short meaningful story which can be applied to everyday life. All consist of themes and many overlap in their themes and ideas. The Miracle of Purun Bhagat, Meet the President, and How to Talk to Girls at Parties all have many overlapping themes but none as evident as Experience leads to Change. The characters in these stories go through traumatic events and emerge from them a different character. Bill Peck is a snobby young boy who doesn't understand the scope of the world that he lives in. Growing up on military installations with his father he never experienced the real world or interacted with the normal people. As he stands playing his virtual reality on a beach somewhere in England…show more content…
As he learned more about the world by traveling to England and throughout his home country he learned many things especially the virtue that money does not buy everything. When he starts his new life as a beggar he brings little and looks for the goodness in people to survive. These experiences with the common people of India willing to give him what the have changes Purun and he sees what was once his people in a new light. It is even more relevant when he travels to the mountain above the village and the people provide for him. This allows him to achieve eternal peace and be in serenity with all the things around him including the animals. If it were not for the people's kindness to Purun Bhagat he would not be able to befriend the animals which in turn would cause them all to die in the landslide. Once Purun has experienced this last giving back to the people he is now willing to go and dies peacefully on the side of mountain surrounded by his acquired forest friends. “Stay with me, Brother. Stay--till--I--go!" His experiences with the common people and the animals changes the way that he gave back to his community. Earlier in the short story he gave them knowledge and leadership and by the end he gave them their lives and a reward for the goodness that they displayed. It also changed the people who were now able to realize the potential of a good deed and how it could affect not only the person shown the good deed but also

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