Character Traits Of Benvolio In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Character Traits of Benvolio Romeo and Juliet is a timeless classic that has been with us for hundreds of years, and will remain for hundreds more. It keeps readers captivated with its dramatic, scenes and language that instills a feeling of a fantastic time where what you said was not nearly as important as how spectacularly you said it, but of all the things Shakespeare did right in this play, the thing he did best was the development of characters. You are able to read this play and feel as if you have met and spent time with the characters themselves. One fantastic example of this is Benvolio. Even though he is a fairly minor character, through the reading of this story we are able to see that he is brave, loyal and unselfish. It is made very clear by Shakespeare that Benvolio is a brave character. One of the first examples of Benvolio being brave is seen very early on in the play. In 1.1 servants from the houses of Montague and Capulet are fighting, while beating down their swords Benvolio says,”Part fools! Put up your swords. You know not what you do.” Doing this takes a lot of bravery, as he stepped between…show more content…
We first see that Benvolio is loyal in 1.1; he has just tried to, and failed at, breaking up a fight and ends up getting drawn in and loyally fighting for his side. The next time we see him show this trait is at the end of 1.1, it is done in a very different way. Romeo is feeling depressed, and heartbroken, and out of loyalty to his family Benvolio goes to ask Romeo what is wrong and see if he can help. In 2.1 Benvolio is so loyal to his family that he sneaks onto Capulet’s orchard, and risk death to find Romeo so that he doesn’t get caught. Finally, Benvolio shows his loyalty in 3.1 when he tells the true account of what has happened to Tybolt and Mercutio even though no one will believe him, when he could have easily blamed Romeo for the murders and not had any trouble on his

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