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Space Food: Production and Packaging With special Reference to Recent Advances Abstract Space food is a range of food products, especially created and processed for the utilization of the space explorers. The food must necessarily provide balanced nutrition for astronauts working in space, but at the same time it is important that it must be very convenient to store and prepare in the zero gravity environment. Since the space missions are of a very long duration, the food to be consumed needs to be processed and packaged in such a manner that it does not spoil in due course of time. Therefore various methods of processing and packaging the food, in order to make it fit for…show more content…
Space exploration is done by combination of old and new emerging technologies, which help us, discover the unknown facts and mysteries of the celestial bodies in space. This exploration is done by both astronomers through telescope, also by robotics spacecrafts that go up in the space to collect the desired information. With the advancement in the technology it has been possible that space crafts with humans are now being send up in the space to get the most authentic and crucial details about the desired celestial body. Though the observation of the space bodies in space (astronomy) is present since a very long time, it was because of the development of the huge and dependable technology based rockets and spacecrafts during the mid-twentieth century which made human exploration of the space a reality. These Space missions are usually

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