Therapeutic Communication In Healthcare

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For a patient, their perception of the quality of care received correlates to the quality of interactions with the healthcare team members ("Impact of Communication in Healthcare"). With this information, it is important for healthcare providers to ensure effective communication amongst individuals to improve the overall quality of care for their patients. It is important to understand why communication is important, the type of communication that permits optimum quality of care, as well as the barriers that may occur in communication. In healthcare, good communication is essential. Effective communication provides satisfaction amongst the team as well as with the patient. The patient is satisfied with their care and the healthcare team…show more content…
This type of communication essentially refers to the type of communication performed between a healthcare team member and a patient that develops a deeper, trusting bond amongst them. This form of communication is different from other forms of communication in that therapeutic communication provides a sense of safeness and security that other forms of communication may not provide. When the patient does not develop a safe and secure bond with their caregiver, their ability to serve as an active participant in their care diminishes. As a caregiver, it is important to develop this bond with the patient in order to provide the greatest quality of care. This is the main goal of therapeutic communication (Banar). Key components of therapeutic communication include that therapeutic communication facilitates patient autonomy, creates a nonjudgmental environment, provides the professional with a holistic view of their patient, and reduces the risk of unconscious influence by the professional (Banar). It is important for caregivers to note that not all communication performed between the caregiver and the patient is considered therapeutic. Not every communication interaction has the capacity to provide the safeness and security that therapeutic communication has to

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