Patient Centered Care: A Case Study

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Patient centred care is described as 'treating the patient as a unique individual' (Redman 2004, p11). It consist of putting the patient at the heart of your care and considering different factors that can implicate the standard of care given to individual patients (Pelzang 2010). How this 'patient focused care' is delivered depends on the way we interact with the patient and the people involved in the care of the patient. Communicating effectively is an essential part of successful nursing (NMC 2014) and different communication theories have been identified in order deliver the standard of care. The Nursing and Midwifery Council states that nurses must construct therapeutic relationships. (Webb 2011) explored the effectiveness of therapeutic communication and found that nurses who engage with their patients at an emotional level gain a level of trust which encourages patients to reveal concerns they may have regarding their condition meaning patients will ask questions and will be involved in their treatment decision, putting the patient at the centre of care. Patient centred care…show more content…
Often families will be feeling anxious about the illness so it's essential to communicate in a way that is not going to provoke unnecessary emotions. This means that sharing relevant information about the patients' health such as their progress and answering their questions fully (Miracle 2006) by doing this it shows that the nurses are truly putting the patient at the centre of their care and are involving the family in the care. Understanding the family's dynamic is important as the family contributes to the patient centred care. This allows nurses to have more understanding of the patient, preferences and values as the basis for shared decision making (Leon and Knapp

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