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Innovation in Marketing Theory and Practice Individual Assignment on Social Media Marketing Payal Yadav (0243/50) INDEX Content Page Number 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Need For Social Media Marketing Framework 2 3.0 Framework 2 4.0 Social Media Campaigns Analysis 6 5.0 Social Media Campaigns designed 8 6.0 Conclusion 8 7.0 References 9 1.0 Introduction : Social media consists of websites where people can interact, share and discussion information about each other’s lives, using words, pictures, videos and audio. The Web sites give option to create group’s and exchange content and engage in person-to-person conversations. Social media websites are of many forms such as blogs and microblogs, forums and message…show more content…
In the hurry of entering into social media platform companies forget to set measurable targets to be achieved by the use of the social media campaign. The key parameters indicators (KPI) should be specified and should include parameters on cost per click, cost per transaction, conversion rate to customers, increase in sales by use of social media (in case of a campaign is being launched), brand awareness, customer engagement (number of customers, shares, likes), content quality (should measure type of response generated, was the response positive or negative and how much towards positive and…show more content…
Band Aid is a brand owned by Johnson & Johnson. A social media campaign can be designed around the brand to build up loyalty towards the brand. The campaign can be based on revoking the memories of childhood where everyone played a lot, got hurt and the doctor in the school or if at home then mom used to apply band aid .The memory of the child with band aid on his finger can be used to bring the name of Johnson & Johnson. The objective of the campaign should be to try to build the brand loyalty. The content has to be positive happy memories of childhood and the use of band aid making it even more pleasant. Example, Option a : a kid is happily playing in a field like everyone has done in their childhood days and suddenly he falls and gets a cut and starts crying, his mother comes to him, quietens him and applies a band aid on his cut and the kid happily goes to playing back. Option b : revoking memories of playing in the open parents have and the change in today’s culture due to technology and ways parents could promote outdoor games. The campaign should be targeted at parents and showcased during the summer season before the summer holidays

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