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Media management theories for White Space Factory Print Newspapers and magazines come in the category of print media. As this is the era of technology, the usage of print media has reduced now because people preferred to use social media for news, but still many people have a habit of reading newspapers daily as well as women magazines have been observed as very popular for reading. White Space Factory is a storytelling and content creation company; they use social media for brands promotion, although they can use print media for the promotion of brands to attract audience. They have talent and skills of writing captivating content, photography, and images, so they can attract audience who read newspaper by using their skills and by creating…show more content…
The average of daily viewing of Television is higher in the Middle East than in the world, most of the audience is youngsters and women who stay at home. There is every type of content which is broadcasted through TV and people used to watch it. For every program, there is the requirement of limited time of advertisements during the telecasting of programs, so this is the best way to deliver the promotion of any product or any brand to the audience. White Space Factory can use Television for the brand promotion, they have outstanding photographers who have ability to create short snippet of videos as well as complete structured videos. They have great sense of creating fascinating and attractive videos, and they know how to make videos by using relevant and interesting images to the videos, they have creative minds in their teams which is the requirement in every advertisement because people get attracted with new and creative ads. But by doing promotion of brands through television, they have to pay broadcasters for their…show more content…
White Space Factory uses social media for their brand promotion. It includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc whereas WSF uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for storytelling. In the 21st century, each and every person has mobile phone and internet, as this is the generation of technology, and most of the people have their accounts and ids on these websites. This is the free of cost way to do marketing and promotions. WSF is well known in the world of social media, they have expert editors, photographers, social media managers, and social media executives. These expert team members create short, simple, and attractive content to post on these websites, they make short snippet as well as long structured videos with well organized images and photography of brands. They have talent to attract audience through unique and creative content, fascinating images, and videos. Rather than giving link of YouTube or posting videos on YouTube, they directly give links of official websites on their Facebook, or Instagram pages. Great usage of hashtags helps in finding out brands campaign and brand page. People do not get interested in long videos or large content, so they create short but attractive content and

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