Patrick Sullivan's Five Habits

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Patrick Sullivan: 5 habits which are good advice for college-readiness Patrick Sullivan, a college professor, wrote an article about college readiness. In his article, Sullivan listed several personality which are good for college students and will lead them to success. As a student in Penn State University and a freshman, I strongly agree with his perspective and recommend to all the Penn State students to follow and understand what Sullivan mentioned in this article because they will definitely support you with your college readiness. Sullivan first talked about curiosity and openness. I think this is one important personality that freshmen students should acquire. In Sullivan’s article, he believed that they were essential to success in…show more content…
I have the same feeling about this characteristic because a creative mind is so crucial in college life. Sullivan defined it as an extraordinarily important human ability that has been neglected and underestimated in recent researches. Sullivan determined creativity was the center of these positive habits which would lead college students to success. He cited Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s word that he believed creativity is the production by human who broke the tradition and found ways to create new ideas then transmitted to the next generation. Creativity played an important role in all aspects of life. We could say that there will be no development without creativity. As a student in the 21st century, I deeply understand the significance of the spirit of creativity and I hope I could keep this spirit alive all the time. From the big picture, creativity is the soul of national advancement and the driving force for the prosperity of a…show more content…
I believe this should the most important moral personality a college student should obtain. He provided an opinion that humility opened humans up to difference, to ideas and to others in a utterly positive way. It also gave students a precious characteristic. Thus, humility would probably be an important college-readiness skill. Sullivan quoted certain words from Sam Wineburg that he mentioned humility was “an act that engages the heart”. Wineburg said that people should went beyond our own image, and to go beyond our own lived life and to go beyond the origin where the history born. Sullivan agreed with this description and he believed these should also be important applications for teaching. There is a saying that “modesty helps one to make progress, conceit makes one lag behind”. It was more likely to make process if we remained a humble

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