Functionalist Perspective On Education Essay

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Davis and Moore (1967) saw education as way for role allocation, in society and education they believed the most talented and intelligent members of society should be allocated the top jobs which have the best rewards therefore making a competition to ensure only the very best able to get these professions, they believe education is the beginning of this where the most intelligent get the highest qualifications making this a "proving ground for ability and hence the selective agency for placing people in different statuses according to their capabilities" (Browne, Blundell and Law, n.d.). New right views are similar to functionalists except they see that the education is not achieving its goals, they see some people are more talented, they favour education built on meritocracy, and believe education should socialise pupils into shared values. They believe in marketisation of education (Haralambos, M., Holborn, M. 2000). The problem with functionalist and Marxist perspectives they put too much emphasis on education playing the part in forming a child's identity and do not take into consideration family, work, media and the roles that they play, they tend to oversimplify schools and students, and stereotype and label children.…show more content…
Whilst he agreed with Durkheim's theories he also emphasised that human action was an important part in society (Trueman, C, N.2015). Parsons goal was to take elements from this theory and combine them into a single, more simple theory that explained the general process in society. How important the role of the individual is and interactions with people are in shaping identity and society. In order to understand people's action, we have to understand the individual’s motives for acting (Haralambos, M., Holborn, M.

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