Themes Of The Manifest Destiny

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In the year of 1803, President Thomas Jefferson brought the Land of Louisiana from the French government for 15 million dollar. The Louisiana Purchase stretched from Canada to New Orleans, and it doubled the size of the United States. Jefferson says that the westward expansion is the key to the nation’s health and he believe that a republic depended on an independent because it’s part of survival. The independent and the virtue are the one that hand in hand with the land ownership, especially the small farms. The United States continue to expand, so that there are enough land to support this population of yeomen. The westward expansion is define as the themes of 19th-century American history. The American of European descent feel so compelled to expand the country westward because it offered a better life for the emigrants and also for the emigrant’s families. People from the European were poor when they arrived in the United States and mostly doing manual…show more content…
During the Manifest Destiny, the Native Americans are forced to leave their land and sell it to the Americans. This take away their rights and also their home. If they do not leave the place, the Americans will have wars with them. This destiny also take away their culture and lifestyle, they have to follow the American’s rule in order to stay with them. There is no freedom for them, the freedoms are only for the Americans. Now let’s look at the outcome of the Manifest Destiny. Without the Manifest Destiny, there will not have improvement of the housing, health-care, and other important basics. Even though it is bad but sometimes sacrifice must be made in order to achieve good things in life. The Native Americans now have a better life than ever before when the Americans realise the bad things that had happened to
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