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Are you angry? Well you’re not alone because so were the Native Americans. Manifest destiny was a 19th century doctrine that pushed Indians off their land which upset them. Manifest destiny said westward expansion was inevitable and a God given right for the “white man”. There is said to be three basic themes of manifest destiny and they are; the special virtues of the American people and their institutions, America’s mission to redeem and remake the west in the image of agrarian America, and an irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty. However manifest destiny is wrong and should have been done differently. The “white man” thought that westward expansion was their right because they thought they were building the heaven, which was incorrect. As above in one of the themes it states that they were trying to accomplish…show more content…
The cost was to the Native Americans. The Native Americans were removed from their land multiple times. One example is the Indian Removal Act passed in 1830 by the United States Congress under President Andrew Jackson. The Indian removal act caused Native Americans to move from their current land and homes west with little compensation because the “white man” wanted their land. Then in 1868 Ulysses S Grant passed the Peace Policy which forced the Native Americans off their land again and on to reservations where they did not strive as well as they had on their original land. I strongly believe that manifest destiny, westward expansion, could have been done differently. If the “white man” wanted to explore the rest of the country then they could have worked something out with the Indians saying they are just exploring, passing through, and will not harm them unless harm has been done to them. And if they wanted to live on their land then they could have bought the land for fair prices or learned to adapt to how they live so they could coincide, instead of the other way

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