How Did Realism Rebelled Against The Beliefs Of The Romantics?

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Joshua Bevillard HUM2250 21 June 2015 2. What aspects of Realism rebelled against the perceptions and beliefs of the Romantics? How did Realism manifest itself in the paintings of Kollwitz, and Courbet, and the novels of Dickens and Flaubert? The great French painter Gustave Courbet from brainy quotes once said, “Painting is the representation of visible forms. The essence of realism is its negation of the ideal.” Realism acts as the sense of accepting the situation as it was and dealing with it at hand then and they’re in the most realistic and practical way. To write about real world problems of this time period and paint about them rather then talk about a heroic individual or villain that romanticism preyed on. Realism emerged on the scene in the early nineteenth century and played critical roles in many artists, writers and composers works especially the paintings of Kollwitz and Courbet, and the novels of Dickens and Flaubert.…show more content…
Romanticism’s attention to detail was generic and symbolic. This present belief was very quickly taken over. The human figure was always a heroic individual. Though the characterization was always a hero and a villain or an oppressor and underdogs. The political movement of this time was “Era of the Common Man” and the Manifest Destiny. The way Realism rebelled against Romanticism was the attention to detail was specific detail of time and a place in history. The human figure was limited social relations while the characterization was mixed sharing guilt and responsibility depending on the circumstance. The political movement was the “Gilded Age” and was increasing class

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