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The four possible types of responses to life’s meaning are the Theistic Response, Human Progress Response, Nihilism Response, and Self-Chosen Commitment. The theistic response is the relationship between the person’s relationship to a larger plan. Everything has a purpose and is part of a bigger plan, according to Thomas Aquinas. The theistic response has meaning to life, because it supports the claim that humans are part of a bigger plan created by God. Everything that was created is part of a greater purpose in God’s divine plan. According to the theistic response human life is not meaningless, many people who search for a meaning to life is satisfied with this response. The theistic response is not just subjected to Christianity, many other…show more content…
He thinks that if we are part of this divine plan then we are used as objects and tools. Kai Nielsen also opposed the theistic response, because he believes that you must value your own life, even with a purpose you must be happy and accepting of your own life. I think that this response could be very true, because everything was produced a certain way to live accordingly, even the smallest change in how the world was created could have made life not possible. I think that God created us for some divine purpose that we may never get to know why, but something much larger and beyond are knowledge. I do think that God gave us the ability to have free-will to be able to choose our own path and make our own decisions, I think that this response portrays that what we do in our everyday life is based on a plan, and our lives are already planned out, which I don’t think is…show more content…
Philosophers that agree with this response, agree that life has meaning but only if it is more important than the individual. Individuals that are part of the progress feel as if they have meaning to their life. Karl Marx has confidence in that human progress movement is moving toward a common goal to become a classless society. He believes that a perfect world would be one without economic classes, he thinks that everyone no matter what social class someone may be classified in should have the opportunity for free development. Although, we go through times where progression pauses or sometimes has brief moments where they go into a decline, but as a whole we move toward a more flawless and better society. A historian Charles Van Doren opposes the human progress response because he believes that there isn’t much progress from the past to now, but even-though we still have many flaws and may not be progressing much as individuals, as a whole we have contributed ideas and knowledge to advance our society. This response seems to be true by how the world has evolved in such a significant way. I think this response is flawed because the common goal is to become a perfect world, even-though nothing is perfect and without flaws except

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