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Computer Polygraph Testing Terminology and Problem Areas Though computer polygraph testing is highly accurate if used correctly, especially when testing sex offenders, there are two problem areas that must be addressed: • Poorly trained and inexperienced examiners. • Usage of polygraph as standalone evidence. Poorly trained and inexperienced examiners One cannot possibly expect accurate results when the operators of the equipment are not well trained to apply the equipment and don’t have the skills to analyse the results. Yet, so many companies advertise computer polygraph testing services without having the proper background for such. However, when you make use of Spot On Polygraph you can be assured that the examiners have the required…show more content…
Many factors should be considered including the general anxiety level of the person tested and other evidence before making a final decision. We don’t propagate usage of polygraph testing as the only means to establish guilt or innocence. Indeed, we recommend proper investigation, background checks, gathering and evaluating evidence, fingerprints, blood tests, and also voice stress analysis as part of a full investigation. The results of the polygraph test can be used in conjunction with the above said evidence. Who uses polygraph testing? Military and police investigating units in addition to intelligence services have long used polygraph testing in their investigations. Lawyers, employers, psychologists, and forensic investigators also make use of our polygraph and voice testing services. Large retail and food chain companies and leading banks in South Africa regularly use polygraph testing to determine honesty of workers. Understanding the terminology It’s imperative that clients understand the terminology used in polygraph testing as to minimise false expectations and confusion. We’ve explained a few of the words regularly encountered when working computer based lie detection services

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