Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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Men are difficult creatures to understand. Some men are delusional in relationships, others hide their emotions in relationships, and the rest create ideas to better their relationship. Men play different roles to fulfill their dreams. For example, men who desire power will fixate their mind on acquiring more power. However, this might ruin relationships because greed for more will overpower the love of his partner. In a relationship there should be one love between lovers. Janie’s three marriages will be contrasted to better understand the thoughts of Men in her past relationships. First, Nanny, Janie’s grandmother, decides to let Logan marry Janie. Nanny wasn’t trying to punish Janie or try to ruin her life. No, she wanted to prevent another case of rape in her family tree. The best option to protect Janie from the pain was to marry Logan Kellicks, a financially stable man. In Zora Hurston story “Their Eyes Were Watching God” explains Nanny true meaning for Janie “Tain’t Logan Killicks Ah wants you to have,…show more content…
She was dazzled by his wits and “his wish and desire to be a big voice and he had to live nearly thirty years to find a chance of becoming mayor” (p.19). This quote explains how Jody is determined to succeed by any means. Everything Jody did was to move forward in life from marrying his trophy wife Janie to dressing nice. Jody’s stylish looks is his way of implementing his self-esteem and pride. Janie, being the dominant woman that she grown into was tired of Jody controlling her so she snapped and took a blow at his manhood. Jody was becoming too powerful so it was time to put an end to his terrene. Janie realized that Joe suffers from an overdose of ambition, a lack of communication, a superiority complex, and uncontrollable jealousy over her. Janie learns that, in order, for a happy marriage both partners must stand on an equal footing and must make sacrifices for each
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