Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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TOPIC 3 Explore how Hurston uses elements of nature as a metaphor for Janie's life. By: Cristian Escobar Teacher: Mr. Amoroso Escobar Pg. 1 The Eyes Were Watching God LAP Nature is often used as a catalyst to remind oneself of the beauty that accompanies the true meaning of love. The world is a garden and the garden is ones soul. A garden in which is unmaintained cannot grow and expand and cannot take shape in beauty. It begins to wither and die, hopelessly looking for a source of energy. But when maintained it buds new flowers and breeds new life, strengthening the garden, which strengthens ones soul. Zora Neale Hurston in the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God intertwines the soul of a young woman to that of nature. As the two merge together, it ultimately becomes a mission to capture the true meaning of love, the limitless horizon.…show more content…
Physically she was darker than most of the kids, but mentally she had a deeper understanding of life. As she grew up and began to experiment what it meant to “love” she was always reminded of the words her grandmother implanted on her. Being raised by her grandmother caused Janie to be hypnotized into believing that love is simply a four letter word. But nature instructed Janie otherwise, nature showed Janie that there was hope to find true love. As Janie goes through various relationships searching hopelessly for true love, she begins to get weary. Every season is linked with the love life of Janie and at the end of each season Janie feels another little part of her faith die (Pg. 42). It isn’t until a mysterious man stumbles upon her path that she is able to love once
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