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Throughout time, women in movies and other similar texts are shown to be generally focused on men. This might make sense if every movie ever made was set in a time where women had absolutely no rights so they would need men to provide for them, but of course, this is not the case. Older and more modern depictions of women in the media, both show women whose lives revolve around men. Even movies that market their female characters as strong and powerful are still shown to be dependent on the male leads. By making the focus of women’s lives in the media, men, they neglect important aspects of real women’s lives, such as female platonic relationships. When women in movies have more of a focus on men, female platonic relationships suffer in the…show more content…
The 1991 movie, Thelma and Louise, shows a more accurate representation of women relationships and women’s focuses in life. It begins by showing what Thelma and Louise’s lives are like when men are still a big part of them. Thelma is a very timid women and very scared of her abusive husband. Louise is also shown to be timid and distrustful of men when they are in the bar. Once they start running from the police, their demeanor completely changes. They both become surer of themselves and more unwilling to let men control their lives. When Louise’s boyfriend proposes to her and offers her the chance to come home, she turns him down because she knows she doesn’t need a man. This is when the gender role reversal is very clear. Around the same time, Thelma is having sex with JD. She is basically using him for sex which is usually something a man does in a movie. She goes on to use him further by copying his method of armed robbery. After committing a serious crime with such ease and then later after blowing up a man’s semi-truck, Thelma and Louise both realize how much men were holding them back before. By this time, both women are wearing more gender neutral clothes that show off the fact that these women do not care about getting a man. Thelma and Louise have found happiness with each other and are happy with the people they have become in their lives where they only deal with men on their own

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