Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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The 1860s were a time of great change and the start to a more equal country. Laws were beginning to change and the development of new all black communities proved the African Americans were able to succeed without the help of white people. Civil Rights were finally granted to all races, slavery was abolished, and the civil war ended between the Northern and Southern states. Hurston wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God to show what was going on, based on her life experiences. Hurston’s characters show her viewpoint on the African American experience by reflecting in the story how the minimal use of white interaction shows how the black community could be independent and succeed on their own. As a result of the North winning the civil war, slaves,…show more content…
The main character, Janie, proved that she could succeed without the help of anyone, no matter what their race. African Americans did not only prove they could handle being independent, they also proved they could be successful and make a good living by themselves. Janie’s first husband, Logan was hard working and provided security to Janie financially and socially, which is why Nanny wanted her to marry him. Janie felt as she wanted to find true love instead of listening to Nannie’s advice and be secure in her life. Nanny, being an ex-slave had been influenced to think that security is the most important aspect of a relationship, not true love because without security, there is a risk of having to do hard work, like a slave. She grew up as a slave so that is the only form of love she saw, leading her to believe for the rest of her life that is what true love is. Women during this time were not socially accepted to make decisions for themselves most of the time. Janie, who had three husbands by the end of the story was not normal for this time. When a woman married a man, they would be fully committed, never getting a divorce. Janie had an independent personality, who would speak her mind and stand up for what she believed. Janie comes back to Eatonville, her original hometown where she lived before moving to Jacksonville with her husband Tea Cake, she reunites with her friend Pheoby to tell her about her life journey. Janie influences her to stick up to what she believes in and not let people tell her otherwise. This communication in the African American community shows how they are able to help eachother out, to build a superior community, where everyone is able to
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