Odyssey: Emotions Of Love, Lust, And Daphne

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Summary The myth of “Daphne and Apollo” is focused on emotions of love, lust, desire, and longing. This myth begins with the confrontation between Apollo and Cupid. First, Apollo is the son of the main Olympian deity Zeus, and he is considered the god of archery. Cupid on the other hand is the god of desire and attraction, which makes sense considering he is the son of Aphrodite the goddess of love. Apollo spotted Cupid one day in the forest, and Cupid was carrying a bow and arrow, which he used to influence the creation of relationship, but Apollo did not agree with Cupid having access to archery tools. Apollo belittled and ridiculed Cupid for having weapons made for “brave men” inferring that Cupid was not brave enough or capable enough to…show more content…
This was a period centered on the cultural history of the Mediterranean Sea which encompassed many great civilizations ranging from the Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Muslims, but this period zone in on the Greco-Roman World. Classical Antiquity began with the epics of Homer between the 8th and 7th century BCE. This region of the world was just resurfacing from a period of lack of literacy and chaos, which can be defined as a “Dark Ages.” Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey provided the initial revelation of the many gods, goddess, and mythical creatures that became a prominent feature in the religious world of first the Greeks and later the Romans. During the period of Classical Antiquity, there was an explosion in the fields of art, humanities, science, architecture, and philosophy. The advances made within the period spread and influenced those around them. It was lost for a brief time after the fall of Rome and the world entered into the Middle Ages, but it resurfaced again during the Renaissance. The myths of “Apollo and Daphne,” “Hercules,” and much more are still taught and portrayed today through literature, art, and film. Cultural

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