Analysis Of Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God

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One foot forward, yet two steps back. The words, no, the screaming, echo off the walls in my head. Still, the faint touch of your body rips at my skin. My mind pleaded for help, for security, for shelter, but my heart insisted to stay. “We need to leave” it whispered, fearing he would hear us. “What if this is love” I called back. I ached in a silent cry for freedom. None of this was what I expected; none of this is what I wanted. Love did not equal confinement. It did not mean giving up on lifelong dreams, yet my body ached in defeat. The air was suffocating, but, nevertheless, I had to keep moving. Only God knows if I could get back up after yet another beating. Silence is not an option. These were the painful feelings that raced through Janie’s head. One toxic relationship after another, all with different men from different backgrounds and different morals, each of them changing her into the resilient woman she is today. She had to scream, she had to leave, and she had to change to survive.…show more content…
Racine correctly proclaims that in “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, Zora Neale Hurston’s character Janie and her voice were greatly influenced by four men in her life with the use of passion/control in her relationships; however she inaccurately states that Johnny Taylor was a catalyst in Janie’s development with her voice and was the most important relationship Janie

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