Book Report: The Radioactive Boy Scout

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Judson Mr. Sanders 12/4/15 In this paper I will be summarizing and explaining key parts in The Radioactive Boy Scout. Which is a true story about a teenage boy named David Hahn and his experiments throughout his life and what lead him to building a semi successful breeder reactor. Let us start from the beginning of the book where it says David Hahn's earliest memory seems appropriate in light of later events; it is of conducting an experiment in the bathroom at four years old (Silverstein,1). In there he would look around and find many things in the cabinets and mixed them together. This is what all started his curiosity in science and what would lead to him building a breeder reactor. With what David was doing is what people often confuse…show more content…
Sanders 12-5-15 Throughout the book it talks about the Periodic Table of Elements. From a chemistry point of view the Periodic Table is probably the most important and valuable asset to all chemists, for the people who do not know what the Periodic Table is it is a chart that is pretty much a huge list of all the elements known to man, it also contains the elements atomic weight and mass which is important to know. Without the Periodic Table David (and all of the other chemists the book talks about) probably would have not been able to accomplish what they did. Moving on through the book there is another thing that does stick out to me it is the fact that David ignores something that most chemists would consider the most important thing to use, which is safety. In there David handles many items that are highly radioactive. This was very irresponsible of David and could lead to him having a very early death, however even though David did not think about protection or any means of safety he probably could not have been able to afford any of the normal forms of protective gear. Still not being able to afford it is still no excuse to not have it and use it. Judson Mr.…show more content…
Well while Davids love for science grew, his dads did not and this led to his dad Ken making him join the Boy Scouts of America thinking that it would distract David from his advances in chemistry, despite Kens efforts this did not work, if anything it made his love for chemistry even greater. While David was in the Boy Scouts he was going for a badge in chemistry which to him was like the easiest thing in the world to

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