Frankenstein Theme Essay

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In Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’, the theme of change is enlightened in multiple occasions. Frankenstein is the story about a man whose ambition is to seek or to discover a supernatural creature. On the journey to achieve his goal, He gets desolated, lonely and becomes a total failure. Shelley uses the conflict of the story, irony and point of view to convey the theme of revenge. The main problem or conflict of this film is his ambition versus the consequence he will have to overcome. Since Victor’s mother death, he had a frustration on creating a human. In the process of his journey, he moved to the University of Ingolstadt, Germany. Therefore, He studies the sciences interrelated to creating his Monster. Victor gave all he had on behalf so the creature was created. But his ambition made him so vulnerable that he could not control his emotions. In the film we could see his desperation and desolation. He was spending so much time in his creature that he had…show more content…
At first, Victor was expecting something and at the end he created a monster that horrified him. The creature was somehow like a baby; it was a newborn with no consciousness of the world. Victor was expecting something else, and it didn’t occur the way he had it in his mind. For example, in one part of film Victor is so content when he is finishing his creation even the joy in his face showed the viewer his emotions towards his success. Suddenly, the creature moves and victor gets curious of what he has done. It was an awkward moment for victor seeing and touching this sloppy creature. The creature reacted and Victor ran away from it and did not want to face the problem he had created. The creature survived and overcame a lot of discrimination. The creature learned from humans and began to have more consciousness. Nobody liked the creature, and this was very painful for him. He became evil and went in search of his creator for
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