Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X two African American activists with the same end, and two totally different means. These two men both wanted integration for the United States. They both were tired of the white society pushing them around. Not allowing them to use any restroom they wanted or eat at any restaurant of their choice. The way King wanted integration was by nonviolence. Malcolm X wanted integration by any means necessary. There could be many reasons for the thoughts of these two men. In my opinion the way their childhood development could have a lot to do with their thoughts. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in a very Christian family. King was loved by his family, which was a stable support system for him. King’s grandfather as well as is father was a Baptist minister. When Martin was five he was saved and baptized. Although Martin was raised in a religious family he wasn’t a perfect child. He went to a parade against…show more content…
Malcolm’s father Rev. Earl Little was killed when struck by a streetcar. Malcolm’s mother did everything in her power to keep the family going. In 1939 his mother was placed in a insane asylum. Malcolm and the rest of his siblings where placed in a foster home or other family members. This is where things went down hill for the young Malcolm X. Malcolm went to school until the eighth grade where he dropped out. Malcolm moved to Michigan to live this is older half sister. This is where things really went down hill for the young man. Malcolm became involved with petty crimes such as robbery. These robberies would later land him in prison from 1946-1952. During his time in prison he would become part of the Islamic faith. After being released from prison he would continue his Islamic faith. Malcolm started organizing different temples around Chicago, New York, and in southern cities. Malcolm would also become a minister of one of the biggest Islamic temples in the
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