The Autobiography Of Malcolm X By Alex Haley: Analysis

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Throughout the The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley, the author, uses many events to develop central ideas throughout the text. Malcolm X born as Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Witnessing full discrimination and racial violence during that time. Causing his family to move throughout his early childhood, although they still continued to experience terrifying persecution and violence. To allow an image of what Malcolm X was born into the author begins the text with the astonishing, terrifying, and violent event, where the Klansmen aggressively harass Malcolm X’s mother in a pregnant condition. Surrounding their house “brandishing their shotguns and rifles” (p.1) and “Shattering every window pane with their gun butts” (p. 1), the author demonstrates that Malcolm X was born in a time of graphically intense, racism and discrimination. The…show more content…
Malcolm and Shorty each have bail set at $10,000, but the women’s bail is set much lower because of their race (white) “They were still white, burglars or not. Their worst crime was their involvement with Negroes” (p. 152). Malcolm then reveals that the social workers and the other officials were not concerned with the crime of robbery, but, with the race, because “all they could see was that Me [Malcolm] and Shorty had taken the white man’s women” (p. 153). Malcolm later learns that he and Shorty should have only received about two years because it was first-time burglary.Malcolm X then states that they “weren’t going to get the average [sentence] not for [their] crime” (p. 153). Due to the fact that the white court officials focused more on Malcolm’s race than his actual crime of robbery.They then sentence him to 10 years in prison instead of two, exhibiting the idea that systemic oppression disadvantaged African Americans in many

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