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Rebecca was Alfred Hitchcock’s first American movie. Adapted from Daphne du Maurier’s novel of the same name in 1940. This brilliant film is now a Hitchcock classic, deserving all the praise it has received. This gothic masterpiece leads the viewer through a journey that does not calm down until the screen has gone black at the end. Consequences of keeping secrets, abusive relationships, and marriage redemption, are a few themes within plot. Maxim de Winter keeps what seems like his entire life from his new wife. The de Winter’s question their marriage more than once within the story and she even says to him, "Our marriage is a success, isn't it? A great success? We're happy, aren't we? Terribly happy?” He walks away and she continues,…show more content…
The beautiful natural force aided Maxim in the murder of his first wife and able to cover it up almost perfectly. He almost lets the sea do the same for him in a moment of weakness. Maxim’s gorgeous mansion sits on the cliffs in Cornwall, with only one view of the sea, the late Mrs. de Winter’s room taking it. After his marriage, Maxim avoids the sea, as it seems to only remind him of her. The crashing waves come to also represent Rebecca constantly crashing all around them, haunting her former family and they are unable to escape her. As the new couple approaches their home, a sudden rain begins and may be seen as a foreshadowing of their relationship, stormy and depressing. In one of the closing scenes, Mrs. Danvers the housekeeper, is seen with a candle and a distinct view on her face. The viewer automatically knows something will happen, with that small flame, hinting at how much damage will be…show more content…
Olivier’s performance added a great deal to the film, drawing the viewer in with sexy, enigmatic intrigue. An amazing part though, is how much Maxim stays a mystery throughout the film. His motivation, feelings, and even who he truly loves is kept a secret until the near end. And even when secrets have been revealed, we still do not know much about him. That secrecy though is what makes his character. He is a classic gothic hero with pain and suffering constantly lurking beneath the surface. The viewer is desperate for his redemption, for him to gain control of his temper, to be honest with his wife, and the fantastic part is that he yearns for that as well. In his own broken, selfish way, Maxim tries to shield his bride from the dark side within. Marrying and bringing the second Mrs. de Winter home is a huge step forward for Maxim. He saw her as a second chance at life and happiness, bringing his new symbol for life into his darkness hoping her light would shine there. He is far from perfect, but still remains quite the hero within the story. Olivier was able to represent him in all the right ways, mixing romance with ruthlessness to complete the

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