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Within literature and cultures around the world, the basic aspects of a hero are universally shared. A hero can contain numerous and can often be reduced to a few words: strong, courageous, smart, or brave. In short, an individual who makes a significant change in their world. However, personally, I believe the mental qualities and aspects are what truly define the hero. An individual with a positive and stable mindset retain a positive outlook on life, are optimistic, creative, motivated and see past the possible failure of certain situations. This allows the individual to retain a purpose and to act on their personal beliefs. In addition, a hero is experienced and intelligent to a degree, and can reflect on conflicts. As a result, they can…show more content…
Despite being an advocate for mutant rights, he had made his concern for humans well being one of his life's goals, by protecting innocent humans from violent mutants -also known as The Brotherhood in the series- and to promote the peaceful coexistence of the two species. Charles Xavier represents his heroic qualities best in the film X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), he is a professor at his School for Gifted Youngsters, educating his students on basic topics taught in standard schools. During the film, he still the leader of the X-Men, sending them on basic missions. In the storyline, Wolverine and Storm, retrieve Jean Grey - who was thought to had passed away in the previous film - from Alkali Lake. They find her unconscious, and they return her to the X-Mansion, from which Charles Xavier attempts to repress the Dark Phoenix within Jean, but eventually, Jean escapes to her childhood home, from which Charles Xavier, Wolverine, and Storm venture to convince her to return to the mansion so Charles can continue to repress the phoenix. Unfortunately, Jean being unable to control the Dark Phoenix herself, ends up disintegrating Charles, as he is trying to convince her to allow him to help her. This is Charles Xavier`s final appearance in the film, as his death leads to the X-Men fighting the brotherhood, as they retaliate against the humans for creating the cure. Charles actions in the film are selfless and courageous. In the end, Charles Xavier, does not attempt to stop Jean from killing him, instead, he attempts to try to reason with her, rather than pleading for his own life,

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