Project X Masculinity

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Prestige social status among teens, particularly geek teenage boys, is typically a very foreign and coveted lifestyle. In today’s world, popularity is either naturally inherited or obtained through peer approved achievements. In the world of Hollywood, geeky teenage boys in comedies are customarily a means of breaking society’s social structure. Project X both embodies and endeavours to reshape the stereotypes of geeky teenage boys through hegemonic masculinity, manhood acts, sexual objectification of women and above all, a legendary party. Masculine views and practices, both on and off the big screen, have negatively affected gender equality on a multitude of levels. According to Schrock and Schwalbe, masculinity is seen as a “form of collective…show more content…
The “bromance” held between Thomas and Costa ultimately contributes to the subordination and marginalization of women in Project X. Furthering Sole’s concept of marginalization, the pool scene in during the height of the party is a prime example. In this scene, Costa places signs around the pool indicating that women must enter the pool naked. As a girl begins to enter the pool, Costa stops her and says “read the sign honey.” Without any hesitation the girl had taken off her top and entered the pool. As more girls entered the pool nude, Costa and Thomas laughed and are astonished that the sign actually worked. This act made by Costa is essentially what Sharon Bird would classify as objectification of women or making women into objects used for pleasure rather than people. According to Bird, objectification labels woman as “them,” or “as clearly ‘other,’ as the nonthreatening ‘girl,’ and/or as objects to be used for sexual pleasure” (Bird 130). The girl’s at Thomas’ party have a choice, but fall into the power of hegemonic

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