Informative Speech On Shark Finning

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Name: Lee Zixuan Tutorial Grp: W21 Date: 161014 Title: SAVE OUR SHARKS (SOS) Topic: Informing about the problems associated with shark finning. Specific purpose: • I want my audience to understand the problems of shark finning as well as to dissuade them from consuming shark fin soup. Central Idea: • Shark fin soup has been a central dish in many wedding banquets as it represents a symbol of prestige. The problems associated with shark finning have garnered widespread attention in the 21st century, with many animal activists calling for a ban of shark finning. Problems of eating shark fin soup leads to male infertility and loss of motor coordination due to high mercury content. Sharks, now being an endangered species has also led…show more content…
The amount of mercury in a bowl of shark fin soup actually contains 42 times over than what is deemed safe for human limits. (Wildaid, 2007) • In a research done by the US Food and Drug administration in 2010, it has been noted that sharks contains the highest levels of mercury amongst all fishes. This occurs because sharks are known to be at the top of the food chain. As they consume sea creatures such as tunas, and sea lions, inevitably, the amount of mercury levels of these sea creatures gets “transferred” over into the sharks, leading to the accumulation of mercury in the shark’s body (US Food & Drug Administration, 2010) • What does this got to do with you? Well, mercury is known to cause male infertility and loss of motor coordination in humans. So I emphasises again that when you drink a bowl of shark fin soup, you are drinking in 42 times the amount of mercury that is deemed safe for yourself! Main point 3: You may also wish to know that the methods used to obtain shark fins are usually cruel and inhumane. Once more, in the survey that I conducted, only 40 percent of the respondents know the process of…show more content…
These steps do not require much effort, but yet, they go a long way into sustaining our bio ecological systems, and most importantly, saving the sharks! Not only do we reduce the amount of blood that sharks have shed for us, it also reduces the amount of blood on humanity hands every time we consume a bowl of shark fin. So what are you waiting for? Say NO to shark fin today! Bibliography • Earthsky. (28 january, 2014). Earthsky. Retrieved from • Foundation, W. w. (- -, 2014). WWF. Retrieved from • Liang, L. Y. (11 06, 2014). Straits Times. Retrieved from • Weebly. (- -, 2014). Retrieved from stop-shark-finning: • Wildaid. (- -, 2007). Wildaid. Retrieved from

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