Conflict In The Workplace Case Study

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1.) Summary The episode starts with two characters sitting in a restaurant having dinner. It turns out that Robert has asked his daughter Rachel to meet him for dinner. Robert gives her a prenup agreement that he wants her to sign, she gets upset as she doesn’t want her relationship to start with them potentially getting divorced in the future and feels like her dad is trying to control her. At the same time, Mike is the bar with a friend called Jimmy and tells him that he got engaged to Rachel. Jimmy warns Mike that Harold has a crush on Rachel and they tell Harold together about the engagement, Harold is upset but happy for him. Harvey and Donna meeting in the foyer of the firm. Although she is now working for Louis he acts like he doesn’t care, and admits that he will be interviewing people to replace her. That morning Louis is met by Jack Soloff the senior partner in…show more content…
Conflict can be described as a disagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interests or concerns (text Book) Generally, we can also define conflict as either Functional or Dysfunctional. Functional is non-aggressive and stimulates creativity, whereas Dysfunctional is aggressive and people refuse to work together on tasks. (Text book) There are also two different ways to handle conflict in the workplace, either formally or informally. (UC San Diego) In the episode, we see an example of Functional conflict in a scene between Rob and his daughter Donna in a restaurant. They are discussing her engagement to Mike and Rob produces a Pre-Nup contract for her to sign, she feels it is not a good idea and they are in a conflict of personalities and emotions (text Book) Donna eventually decides to agree to look at it later and asks if they can just enjoy the dinner rather and discuss the contract later. This seems to be a method known as smoothing (text book), as they have not really resolved the conflict but are putting it off for a later

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