Symbolism In The Good Earth

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Symbols - Throughout the events in The Good Earth, symbols are used to represent a numerous amount of hidden messages. The author emphasizes the foundation of a man’s life is rooted upon land, which signifies land is everything in a man’s life. The last page, 357, Wang Lung says, “Out of the land we came and into it we must go - and if you will hold your land you can live - no one can rob you from land,” after hearing the sons converse about selling the land. On page 2, the book states, “The kitchen was made out of earthen bricks, as the house was, great squares of earth dug from their own fields, and thatched with straw from their own wheat,” which proves that the land provides everything. In the novel, Buck characterizes women as objects when the harsh reality of how greatly the size and appearance of a woman affects them in society is revealed. The symbolization of women as objects is shown on page 248 when Wang Lung’s youngest daughter says, “You might say to leave me as…show more content…
He puts his land on the top of his priorities, for it feeds, shelters, pays, and cannot be stolen from him. During his stay at the northern city, he builds a fort made out of rugs to shelter his family and his neighbors live right next to him in the same type of fort. In the city on page 137, Wang Lung steals the necessary funds during the revolt to fix up his house which is a very important event in the plot. The House of Hwang, a beautifully decorated estate with many slaves running the place for the owners, is another major setting. It bankrupts after the drought and gives Wang Lung the land he needs in order to make more money, eventually becoming Wang Lung’s second home on page
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