Youth's Impact On Youth

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Advertisers spend billions of dollars annually on ruining youth lives. Advertisers target youth in many ways. Three main ways are , through food , through technology , and through schools. These influence youth to buy certain products that may or may not be good for them. Advertising unhealthy food is ruining peoples lives. In the video” The Myth of Choice: How Junk-Food Marketers Target Our Kids “ by Anna Lappé it states that only 16% of youth get their healthy fruits and vegetables. That 1 in 3 kids eat fast food everyday. This leads to various diseases such as , Heart Disease , High Blood Pressure , Asthma , Obesity , Type 2 Diabetes and even Cancer. Now , half of the calories that youth eat come from fat and sugars. Youth watch about 5000…show more content…
In the passage “Facts About Marketing to Children” by The Center for a New American Dream it states “ According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, youth are multitasking their way through a wide variety of electronic media daily, juggling iPods and instant messaging with TV and cell phones. In fact, they pack 8.5 hours of media exposure into 6.5 hours each day, seven days a week — which means that they spend more time plugged in than they do in the classroom.” This is how technology affects their everyday life. Adding advertisement in games pushes kids to make online purchases. In the passage “Marketing to Kids Gets More Savvy with New Technologies” it states “ {Isabella Sweet}The…show more content…
In the passage “ Facts About Marketing to Children” by The Center for a New American Dream it states “ The American Beverage Association (formerly National Soft Drink Association) at one point estimated that nearly two thirds of schools nationwide had exclusive “pouring rights” contracts with soda companies.” Marketing through schools disrupts the health and well-being of the students. On the website “” it states “ Schools turn to marketers to alleviate financial woes, but many marketing activities generate little, if any, revenue. And the cost is high for students, schools, and society. Students are harmed when schools promote corporate profits at the expense of children's health and wellbeing.” Marketing undermines critical thinking skills and the website also states “Schools should be a haven from commercialism. Marketing undermines critical thinking and derails public education's most important mission-helping children become active, thinking participants in a democratic society. Schools can either educate students to become good citizens or train them to become passive consumers.” Also at this school ( Lake Placid Middle School ) they advertise soft juices and chips such as Doritos and Chex

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