School Concussion Effects

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A football coach that not only coached but played football himself stated that he would NOT want an 8 year old boy to play football. There are many ways concussions can be bad just some examples are, how concussions affect their home life, that girls have a higher chance of getting concussions, and how the school life of a student will be affected after a concussion. In the first place, Concussions can affect people in many ways, one way is home life/ how they live at home. CTE ( chronic traumatic encephalopathy ) can be caused by constant blows to the head. People with CTE have not only a hard home life but a hard life in general. Their home life can be affected because they can easily forget what they were going to do. If someone with CTE…show more content…
A study shows that 9 in 10 teens that have gotten academic issues afterwards. Taking notes, homework, and studying proves to be harder for students after getting a concussions. Students no matter what age people who have experienced concussions in previous 4 weeks still have trouble concentrating and being in bright lights. No matter how fast or slowly your recovering you might still have academic problems. Schools don't do enough to help those who have concussions. The schools should have a plan incase a student gets a concussion no matter how or when they had one. Somethings that should happen is the amount of homework should be decreased, and might have to decrease the amount the student has at school depending on what they can stand like light and sounds. Another thing they could do islet the student eat in a place without any noise like a peaceful place in the school, and they could also move tests so that they are further away for just the one student depending on what their having trouble with. there are a lot of problems that a student could have in school after a concussion and the school should be doing more to help the student so they can get the education that they

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