Walt Disney Company Financial Analysis

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Author Instructor Institution Disney Company Disney Company, well known for its home entertainment in the field of cartoons and movies production is a company just like any other. It strives to meet its strategies, management goals, financial projection aims just like any other profit making institution. Disney Company is not only known for home entertainment, but also for amusement parks, interactive media, toys and media hosting. This excerpt will endeavor to show the financial analysis of the company for an average of pas three years and then show the operational analysis, specifically on strategy and quality control systems of the institution. Financial history will be given in a tabular form and a brief description given…show more content…
As a Quality Assurance professional here, you will have a passion for delivering exceptional entertainment experiences. You may validate and test software systems like online identity, ecommerce, digital advertising and mobile platforms, for some of the most popular websites in the world. Walt Disney assures that all its creations and product are of utmost quality. This is an attribute that is evidently adhered to. They have endeavored to deliver extraordinary and unique entertainment experiences as compared to other productions. Most of its products have been in the industry for more than seven decades and their effects are still appealing i.e. the famous Mickey Mouse. This is a piece whose quality has been retained from generation to generation. This is attributed to the consideration put in online identity, ecommerce, digital advertising and mobile platforms used across the world. The company has hired very qualified staff that has the responsibility of evaluating, recommending and implementing automated tools and methodologies to be used in production. They are also mandated to support software development in the various departments. The experts also have the duty to ensure that there are the best initiatives taken to ensu7re quality assurance and software testing. They also have a strong knowledge of trends in technology and entertainment

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