The Triple Bottom Line

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The majority of those who succeed in beginning their own business have organized for each step of their achievement. It is not simple to start a business, it is even more complicated to have a business stayed sustainable. Currently, more and more companies want to stay sustainable, therefore, sustainability has became a goal of business. Sustainability is a scheme use to calculate the performance of companies, its conception was createded by John Elkington called the triple bottom line which contains three aspects, people, planet and profit (“The triple bottom line”,N.D.). The triple bottom line is being adopted in many companies, and one of them is Leica. Leica has a long-time history. It was established in 1849 in Germany as Optical…show more content…
Leica has made some efforts on protecting the environment, such as using sustainable product design. By confining and decreasing the size of its products to shrink the use of metals and plasticm, also Leica has claimed to use recyclable materials, such as aluminium (The Open university, N.D.). The concept of using sustainable product design has shown that Leica is making their effort to respect the environment. Another significant effort that Leica has made to the environment is helping The spoon-billed sandpiper project on saving birds. The spoon-billed sandpipers had financial support from Leica when it had financial crisis. Till now, Leica continues supporting The spoon-billed sandpipers with financial help, and even provides optical devices to help locating the sandpipers and record their activities (Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper,2013). Though Leica has contribution on helping the environment, its company’s operation might has a negative effect to the environment, such as the problem with camera batterries. Batteries are created from different kinds of chemicals power their responses, therefore, several of those chemicals are deadly which could lead to harm the environment (“Batteries are harmful”,…show more content…
In the recent years, Leica has earned lots of profit, and its financial status is being very stable. In 2011, Leica’s sales increased 28.7% as it compared to the former year (Leica, 2011). With customers preference, more and more camera brands are shifting online. Contrarily, Leica is opening outlets in the U.S., the first store has just opened in Washington on May 2012, and followed by another two stores in Miami and New York on August 2012 (Timberlake, 2012). It was quite challenging for Leica, but to sell cameras directly to the U.S. customers would definitely bring profit. In 2014, Leica has signed partnership agreements with two companies which are Panasonic and Park Camera. As some know, Leica is known for one of the best camera manufacturer, and Panasonic is famous for electronics. Therefore, with these two strong companies working together makes stronger companies, and surely bring more customers with profit(Leica expands partnership,2014). Another significant advancement of Leica in 2014 is signing partnership agreement with Park Camera. With this partnership agreement, Park offers photographers a perfect place to learn about and experience Leica’s cameras(“Leica partnership with Park Camera”,2014). However, though the operation of Laica seems to be profitable, it might has potential crisis in the future. The rise of camera phones has a huge impact on the camera industry. More and more people prefer to

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