Socio Economic Issues In South Africa

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The socio-economic issues in South Africa cause numerous negative effects on the economy as the issues only brings threats, loss of lives and loss of stock or income to the businesses in South Africa. Here is the list of the socio-economic issues in South Africa: • Socio Economic Issue Effect Inequality Inequality leaves out people especially those who are in poverty so they cannot get a proper education and job Poverty People in poverty who could be possible customers can’t participate in the economy HIV and Aids Employees with HIV and Aids are unproductive Unemployment People that are unemployed can’t earn income and therefore they can’t buy the needs and could be involved in crime to get needs Unproductive labour force Employees in a…show more content…
Their Mission and their values are listed below: Pick n Pay keep their focus on customers, community and changing people’s lives as important as their business operation and based on the values and missions listed above, Pick n Pay created the following projects to support sustainability and uplift the community: The Pick n Pay School Club – It supports more than 2500 schools and provides education to more than 1.5 million students. Green range – Pick n Pay’s Green range packaging is made from sustainable and natural materials and it is 100% recyclable as the materials are biodegradable in six days. Fairtrade – This project is focused on improvement of small agricultural businesses by giving back certain amount of the profit to the farming communities and social projects. Small Business Incubator – Pick n Pay helps small businesses by providing auditing of the small business, giving accounting and financial advice to businesses regardless of the size to be sustainable first of all and to grow into larger businesses by becoming supplier to the retail…show more content…
People that have a job can earn income and buy needs and wants but unemployed people don’t have a source of income so their only way is to earn money unethically by being involved in crime because otherwise the person and his or her family will remain in poverty and unable buy needs and they cannot provide education to children at their homes which is critical because there is a higher change for an educated person to get a job. The Small Business Incubator project started in 2008 by the Executive of Pick n Pay, Suzanne Ackerman-Berman. It started by advertising on the newspaper to the suppliers that they can contact Pick n Pay to have their products of Pick n Pay’s shelves. Small Business Incubator project helps the small businesses which may be operated by a person or people with no business experience or small business that are able to only make enough profit to cover loss to operate in a way that it can be more profitable and support sustainability by providing auditing, financial guidance, assisting with funding and loans and giving accounting advice so that the small businesses can grow to be the suppliers of Pick n Pay and to the retailer

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