The Smiling Strategy Analysis

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The Smiling strategy The story begins with Mr. DamolaOgunbekun the mean and heartless CEO of Extensive oil limited. He was a man in his middle forties, tall dark and broad in nature. He had a wife with three children who had all finished University. He was one who no one looked forward to working with. Not only was he a sadist, he was very insolent. His secretaries and other workers found it difficult to work with, some either resigned or were sacked soon after they were assigned. He was fond of sacking people for even the slightest mistake that they made. The people who worked in the organization worked with fear of the possibility that at any moment they could get sacked. Employees who were lucky never crossed his path. As it is to be expected, Mr. Damola had just sacked his secretary who was just only a month old with him. This meant that the post of the secretary was now vacant and needed to be occupied as soon as possible. All he had to do was to call the Human Resource manager to look for another person competent enough to occupy the position. But of being himself, he didn’t pass…show more content…
The once lively dad had suddenly become the quiet dad. At the family rendezvous, he was forced to narrate how his first day at work went. His family members were amazed at the turn out Mezie’s day. They all listened quietly and attentively to every detail that Mezie gave.Mezie’s boss was the topic of the family rendezvous that day. Mezie’s kids came up an idea, it was the “smiling strategy”. The smiling strategy entailed that Mezie did everything for his boss with a smile. This of course wasn’t going to be easy knowing the kind of boss that he had. Notwithstanding he embraced the advice of his family. Discussing his problem with his family in the rendezvous alleviated his

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