Pros And Cons Of Imprisonment

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“This hearing will now be in session,” the Supreme Court Chief Justice declared. A Texas man, Christopher Wilkins, could be facing the death sentence for killing two men. Capital punishment can be defined as, “the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime,” (Oxford Dictionary). Some say that the death penalty is the correct response to a serious legal offense. Others declare capital punishment should be abolished because of its inhumanity, its demonstration of cruelty, and the Church is against it. The death sentence is strongly inhumane. It seems very cruel of one to take the life of another, whether with a reason or not. Perhaps after the crime, the offender took a life in hopes of a chance to escape from authorities. In return, the prosecutes wish to terminate the murderer. Any reason whether great or small should not…show more content…
Our Lord is frequently compassionate and grants us forgiveness although we do not deserve it. We have the chance to enter Heaven. Also, we are given a free will. Both of these undeserving opportunities are from His mercy upon us. This compassion from above should be similarly spread to others. By court judges being forgiving and sentencing offenders to jail, they offer an opening to a new world. Imprisonment may not seem like a fair punishment to the criminal, but there, they can think about changing their ways for the better. The days of felonies could be finished. Now, they could devote their life to something better, God. The opposite side of court, prosecutors should also realize the seriousness of their charges that mercy should be shown instead. They wish to take the life of another in hopes of establishing justice or feeding their revenge. This is simply not just. Retaliation is for God to administer not us. For it is written: “‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.” Instead of ruthlessness, compassion must be shown to

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