Noiseless Patient Spider

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Have you ever been able to relate to a poem about a path to take in life , well our assignment is to compare two short stories or poems. I have choose to compare two poems which are “The Road Not Taken” and “A Noiseless Patient Spider”. I chose these poems, because I can relate to them. These poems are about how you choose the way to live and the path you take is the one that you travel to continue your life goals. First “The Road Not Taken” is about life choices and how sometimes we wish we can take both paths and still be one person. In the poem if you imagine it you have someone standing in the woods looking down a forked road. He is looking at two roads that have been equally traveled. The road look the same and everything, but he decide…show more content…
The souls purpose is to find intellectual and spiritual connects to the vast universe it inhabits. The spider and the human soul are being compared on how they try to connect to their surroundings. The spider is trying to connect the web to whatever it can, but sometimes it fails to. The soul can sometimes fail to connect to the surroundings. All together it is saying it is sometimes hard to connect and combine things together, but the more you try the easier it will become.
 Now to compare the two poems, “The Road Not Taken” and “A Noiseless Patient Spider”. The poems are very similar. They talk about life and who we chose the path we take and we try to connect to our surroundings. We all have a path in life and in that path we try and connect and use the things around us to make that path a better path to take. We try to take the path we feel is the best for us and maybe some of us have to go back and take another road, but we try to make the best of it. The path we chose to take in life is the one that everyone bases us off of. I we chose to take the path were the bad influences us, people will see us as bad, but if we take there road were we keep our heads on straight the world will see we may have our bad days but we don't give up. When reading these poems they
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