The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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In my opinion, I think that power vs submission is the theme of all of the short stories that we’ve read in class. It relates to all of the following stories; “The Yellow Wallpaper”, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, “The Lottery”, “Suffer the Little Children”, and “The Use of Force”. There are examples on how these stories tie into the theme power vs submission. All of these stories had ways that a character or group of people had power to do something, but instead gave in and submitted to doing something else. Power vs submission relates to the story “The Yellow Wallpaper”. The lady knew that she was crazy. Well became crazy for being forced to be trapped inside of a room all day She had the power to say no to being trapped in the room to her husband, but she submitted to her husband because he was over her; meaning in control…show more content…
Everything seemed to happen and revolve around grandma throughout the whole story. It seemed like she made all of the decisions of what was going to happen, where were they going to go, who was coming along and etcetera. This time she had the power to say to not go down the road or not, but instead she chose to go down that rode in her power. After that, she submitted to the Misfits to make it worse. I don’t think she had to bring the cat on the road trip with her but she acted like she just had to bring the cat with her on the road trip. So the cat ended up coming along for the ride of course. The cat ended up making the kids complain in the back and it just made everything go wrong. Also the grandma didn’t have to identify the Misfits, at first they wanted to help. But instead grandma had to be extra and identify them, therefore the Misfits wanted to kill them. Grandma just seemed to stir up all of the drama and make everything in the story go wrong. She had power over a lot of things but turning down the road was the biggest one that she submitted

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